Mission from the Cross

Mission from the Cross
The author of this book exemplifies the global reach of the Christian faith. Dr Schulz is a German, a South African, an experienced African missionary, who currently teaches pastors and missionaries in the United States. He has written a book that is both informative and inspiring, one that brings all Christians, including us laypeople, into the missionary enterprise. -Dr. Gene Edward Veith If The Spirituality of the Cross by Dr. Veith has enriched your faith, Mission from the Cross: Lay Reader's Edition by Dr. Schulz will do the same. This book will provide a contemporary look at mission, including crucial topics such as cultural anthropology, communication styles and linguistics, strategic and ecumenical issues, and much more related to what mission is and how mission is accomplished. The lay reader edition is more user-friendly and readable than its academic counterpart. Author Klaus Detlev Schulz, chairman of the Department of Pastoral Ministry and Missions at Concordia Theological Seminary, gathers into one place the history, terminology, guiding principles, goals, key topics, ethics, and so much more related to mission. He interacts with key players in the modern mission scene and offers a readable analysis of past efforts and current initiatives in the Christian community. He encourages readers to realize that mission is not simply going to a foreign country but occurs in numerous ways in our immediate daily situations.
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