Lutheran Education: From Wittenberg to the Future

Lutheran Education: From Wittenberg to the Future

The liberal arts model has traditionally been preferred in Lutheran elementary classrooms. No other educational paradigm so well meets the requirements of the Evangelical Lutheran Church. There is no reason that the liberal arts cannot be adapted to meet contemporary needs. The question is, what should be the main focus of a contemporary presentation of the arts?

Thomas Korcok demonstrates how the Wittenberg theologians settled on a liberal arts education as the preferred model for Evangelical Christian elementary schools. He then traces how that model persisted and was adapted as Lutherans moved from Europe to North America. Korcok concludes that the liberal arts model fits our contemporary setting as changes in society today make it ever more important to have an elementary education that is compatible with Evangelical Theology. The book includes:

  • Historic exploration of educational models in view of theological truths
  • The challenge of influences that push educators either to the Word as objective truth or away from the Word toward secular standards of truth
  • A definition of an Evangelical Liberal Arts approach, its flexibility, and how it fits into classrooms today
  • Extensive references to educational, historical, and theological literature

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