Lutheran Confessions: Luther's Catechisms Study Guide

Lutheran Confessions: Luther's Catechisms Study Guide
Luther's Catechisms is an in-depth, thirteen session study that provides a thorough review of both the small and large catechisms, in an engaging style, with complete excerpts. A downloadable Leader Guide is available separately.

More about the Lutheran Confessions series:
The Lutheran Confession series presents a comprehensive introduction to major Lutheran writings. It is designed to be a convenient study for use by more advanced students, or small groups who want to take an in-depth look at the teachings of the Lutheran Church. For ease of use and study, each book in this series includes excerpts from the relevant confessional document. There is no need for students--or instructors--to purchase a complete set of catechisms or copies of the Augsburg Confessions in order to enjoy and benefit from these studies.
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