How to Respond to the Mormons

How to Respond to the Mormons

Mormonism (Latter Days Saints) replaces the Gospel with a new law. The grace of God in Jesus Christ needs to be clearly proclaimed.

Who are the Mormons? It is common to see Mormon missionaries-usually two young men, clean, shaven, dressed in white shirts and ties-knocking on doors in your neighborhood. What do these missionaries stand for? What do the Mormons believe? This book gives you the answers and necessary information to understand what Mormonism teaches.

Be informed and respond.

Topics include:

  • founder Joseph Smith and the origins of the Book of Mormon
  • the Mormon view of salvation, eternal life, and more
  • differences between Mormonism and the Christian Church
  • how to confidentially share your faith with Mormons
  • Most important, you will be prepared to confidently and sincerely share the Gospel with Mormons.

    This insightful series equips Christians with detailed information on contemporary non-Christian religious movements. Each book compares the teachings of these movements with Scripture and shows how to respond with the Gospel.

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