How to Respond to The Lodge - 3rd edition

How to Respond to The Lodge - 3rd edition

Christians need to openly share with others what we have learned of the love of God in Christ Jesus our Savior. We will play no games with the truth, nor will we hold secrets about what the truth is.

On the surface, the Masonic Lodge promotes many positive moral values. But a deeper look reveals that at its core, the Lodge ignores the clear truth of God's Word and denies Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. This book gives you in-depth information to understand the Lodge and its teachings.

Be informed and respond.

Topics include:

  • the Lodge's view of salvation
  • the difference between the Lodge and the Christian Church
  • the Lodge's influence
  • reasons for the Lodge's secrecy
  • how to confidentially share your faith with Lodge members
  • Most important, you will get practical information and sample questions to help you clearly present the Gospel to Lodge members.

    This insightful series equips Christians with detailed information on contemporary non-Christian religious movements. Each book compares the teachings of these movements with Scripture and shows how to respond with the Gospel.

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