Historical Introductions to the Lutheran Confessions

Historical Introductions to the Lutheran Confessions
The history of the Lutheran Confessions is the story of men and women who risked everything, and in some cases died, for the sake of the truth of God's Word. Friederich Bente tells the dramatic story of their joys and sorrows, their defeats and victories, their fear and their courage, with a wealth of detailed first-hand reports and eyewitness accounts of the events, people, and places that make up the dramatic history of the Lutheran Confessions. Lutheran Christians who fail to remember their history are cast adrift in an increasingly stormy sea of controversy, division, and disregard for our Lord's Word and Sacraments. What is more, they rob themselves of the opportunity to thank and praise the Lord of the Church for His rich and varied blessings through specific persons, events, places, and times.