Extra Nos: Discovering Grace outside Myself

Extra Nos: Discovering Grace outside Myself
When reading the Bible, it is easy to get lost or to focus on one individual story. The danger in that is that the Bible can be seen as a bunch of independent stories that have no connection to or bearing on our lives. Hence, the Christian faith can easily become disconnected and compartmentalized. But as Life in Christ shows, each one of those biblical stories, and each one of us, is like a piece of a puzzle that is not independent but connects to form a larger picture of God's ongoing work of salvation. Life in Christ uses Scripture and Luther's Small Catechism to increase biblical literacy and to cultivate a love of the one true God and a desire to dwell with Him through Word and Sacrament. Primarily for Lutheran adults who want to firmly understand Holy Scripture and the Christian faith, Life in Christ also can help pastors teach the basics of the Christian faith and life.
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