Cruciform Way: A Steady Cadence of Christ for Life, Volume 1

Cruciform Way: A Steady Cadence of Christ for Life, Volume 1

To be cruciform is to be cross-shaped. The cruciform way is the life born from and shaped by a faith lived in clear sight of Jesus Christ, the One who hung upon Calvary's cross for the magnificent rescue of a world of dreadful transgressors. A collection of weekly devotions examining various aspects of the Christian life, The Cruciform Way: A Steady Cadence of Christ for Life labors to stir the Spirit-enabled skill for receiving both joy and sorrow, leisure and struggle, all through the Gospel lens of Christ and the certainty of His victory and forgiveness.


"This devotional is a gem: eloquent, humble, learned. There is a kind of soulcraft which comes through each of its readings, and I found them consistently nourishing, edifying, refreshing, and insightful. I hope and pray many others will be as encouraged and blessed as I am with these joyful grace-notes of wisdom and fidelity."

-Timothy Goeglein, Vice President, Focus on the Family and Author of The Man in the Middle

"The Cruciform Way is the most practical devotional available today. Pastor Thoma captures the issues and answers the questions that most Christians ponder while living their faith. His writing is engaging. He leaves us eager for each new reading as he enlightens with biblical insights that all will find absolutely invaluable."

-Lt. Gen. William G. Boykin, US Army (Ret), Former Commander of U.S. Army Special Forces & Founding Member of Delta Force

"The way of the Lord is the way of the word, and one word in particular: the Word made flesh, Jesus Christ. The Cruciform Way is at times a blessed walk, other times a joyful dance, but it is always a rhythmic delight in this same Christ. Thoma sets before his readers a steady feast of richness that forges the heart with both the hammer of God's law and the sweet comfort of His merciful gospel as He leads us through the many courses of the Church Year. This is the way, The Cruciform Way. There is no other. And it is very good."

-Rev. Dr. Edward A. Sikora, Pastor of Hope Lutheran Church, DeWitt, Michigan

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