Called to Serve: A Theology of Commissioned Ministry

Called to Serve: A Theology of Commissioned Ministry
All too often, commissioned workers struggle to know their place in The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. How do they find their place without setting themselves up to be viewed as public ministers or be viewed as holding merely one of many offices of the larger office of public ministry? Is it possible to have a high view of the pastoral office and of the ministry of commissioned workers while at the same time not sacrificing the dignity of either, nor confusing the theological and historical significance of both? This book argues that it can-and should-be done.

Commissioned ministers in the LCMS who desire to better understand their theological place in ministry will highly value this book. In addition, church work programs across the Synod would benefit from making use of the book as a text to help teach a properly balanced and respectful approach to the office of public ministry, as it relates to both pastors and commissioned ministers.

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