Built on the Rock: The Healthy Congregation

Built on the Rock: The Healthy Congregation

In Built on the Rock, Ted Kober, an expert in Christ-centered reconciliation, offers church leaders and members an effective prescription for building and sustaining healthy congregations. After first defining what "healthy" means, Kober explores fundamental concepts that help churches identify the root cause of their condition and regain church health.

Rather than basing his concepts on the alluring wisdom of psychological theories or business management theory, Kober prescribes a return to the foundations of the Christian life: looking to Jesus, dwelling in God's Word, and living as reconciled children of God in mutual confession and forgiveness.

It's by taking this biblical approach that Built on the Rock offers sought-after practices for not just conflict resolution but lasting reconciliation. Church leaders and members alike will appreciate this enlightening, convicting, and highly practical four-part book:

  • The foundation for health
  • Restoring health and nurturing spiritual wellness
  • Healthy spiritual leadership
  • Practical applications for improving spiritual health

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